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Über mich


Biography of Babak Radmore


I was two years old when the Iran-Iraq war broke out.  

D uring the bombing of our hometown, my brother put music by Pink Floyd and the Bee Gees on my headphones to distract me from the bombings.

This is how the feeling of security grew in me through music and my fascination with being able to embody different personalities through dance.

As a child of a conservative academic family, it was difficult for me to be able to realize my passion for dance, theater and above all for acting against the will of my parents.

My strong will and my perseverance made it possible for me, despite the resistance of my parents, to complete various training courses in ' acting in front of the camera ', ' acting on the stage ' and ' professional acting ' in Iran. During this time I have been involved in various theater projects. For us artists, acting out the art of theater was very arduous and even dangerous due to the censorship in Iran. My work in the theater, like dancing in my plays, went hand in hand with government repression. I was banned from working on the pretext of breaking a taboo. Like others, I have been arrested several times. Due to my ban on working and the associated danger to life, I left my homeland in 2011 and fled to Germany. After fleeing Iran to Germany, I first got to know and appreciate the new environment and soon after the cultural value of this country.

I teach performance at various acting schools in Hamburg and for a year now I have been offering a performance workshop at the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof. 

I am also a freelance director, choreographer, dancer and actor and work on various art projects. 

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